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April 23 to May 7, 2022: Kim Atlin - the weight of light

Bugera Matheson Gallery

10345 124 Street, Edmonton AB (Map it)
Phone: 780.482.2854

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am to 5pm

Fine art
Fine art

Kim Atlin examines landscape and still life as recurrent themes within her work using line and colour to exuberant effect, working with levels of paint and texture within the paintings to heighten the contrast and volume of the spaces she’s painting.

Her own allotment garden serves a source for some paintings. The garden is a focus of reversal of the architectural imposition on nature’s chaotic form. Atlin carries this narrative voice to her still life work, incorporating elements grown by her own hand, taking them to her studio, and painting them within the confines of the built space in a mirror language to her paintings of the gardens.

The forest interiors play with light being deflected obliquely through the interface and varying densities of a forest.

Throughout Atlin’s work, architectural elements remain essential as delineating structures, defining the spaces behind the arrangements and create a fourth dimension of shadow that evokes the urban framework. Within the forest interiors, the framework of the forest creates the architectural structure that is the vehicle for transportation to a space imaginable beyond the confines of the paintings.

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