Forest interiors revisited-illuminated depths
Studies in line and form- 5 o’clock shadow variation 3
Unplugged- reflection
where the lines are drawn


Fir drawing


The way we interact with our environment influences the way we see things and frame the things we see. We take insubstantial, fragmented images and fill them out to make complete narratives.

It is this tension between the negative space, what is withheld from the frame of the painting and what is suggested that engages the viewer in a conversation with my work. I am showing part of a picture or world which exists beyond the realm of the canvas in the mind of the viewer. This conversation between the viewer and the painting, between description and abstraction is the most vital element of my painting.


This piece went to its new home today. Yay!

I’m very grateful to have ongoing support from my collectors because as always , my next piece is my ‘best’ piece . Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. I’m looking forward to sunnier days. Weather wise and pandemic wise .

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