Hidden in plain sight : O’Connor Gallery : 130 King St Gananoque
- March 8-31: reception March 8 - 6:00- 8 Pm

WATER: A multi artist exhibition: Dervilia art , Feb 29-April 20

Dianna Witte Gallery: group show March  


Electric forest variation 11
Available at Bugera Matheson Gallery Oil on canvas 20x24
Escape trajectory variation 6-2.0
Where the lines are drawn- grid
Art for groceries- new day 4

Art for groceries. Small works , free delivery in the GTA . 10% donated to charity 

Art for groceries New day 32 6x6”
New day 21


The way we interact with our environment influences the way we see things and frame the things we see. We take insubstantial, fragmented images and fill them out to make complete narratives.

It is this tension between the negative space, what is withheld from the frame of the painting and what is suggested that engages the viewer in a conversation with my work. I am showing part of a picture or world which exists beyond the realm of the canvas in the mind of the viewer. This conversation between the viewer and the painting, between description and abstraction is the most vital element of my painting.


A couple of years back. Love this piece . ❤️ ...

I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately and I think it really is about appreciating the simple moments. So I’ve got a couple of goals .

1: Document some of the simple things that give me joy . 2: do another studio tour … hopefully weekly. (Got swamped/overwhelmed… it happens)

these two pieces are attempting to capture some of the crazy light that happens here I love it and how changeable it it. I walked to and from the inner harbour 4 times yesterday in minutes because I’d look at it and be walking back home and catch the sky refuted in windows and head back . Just fabulous! The square is 24 inches , the rectangle is 16x30.

Opening today @dervilia_art_design , IN FULL BLOOM . It’s all about flowers (and colour).
I feel the need for some colour these days. That seems to be my response to a feeling of things being out of control in a world that’s nutty. Bring on the colour!! #color #colour #canadianart #contemporarypainting #stilllife #kunst #artgallery #artcollector #artcurator #interiordesign #hope #cheer #originalart #abstractlandscape #forestpainting #landscapepainting #yellow #orange

Last week to check out my ‘hidden in plain sight’ exhibition @oconnorgallery .

Love the show , love this piece. The creation of this piece as with many of my still life’s is something that happens in a very intense period of time. They are temporal things , still life’s. Petals drop , some things perk up , somethings fade. Trying to capture it all before it’s gone sometimes makes for very late nights. ❤️

#artgallery #exhibition #canadianart #contemporarypainting #contemporarystilllife #color #interiors #interiordesign #flowerpainting #stilllife #canadianart #contemporaryartist #artcollector #creator

Playing with translating the energy of nature around here . These Great Lakes and large expanses of land surrounding them create spectacular skies and weather.

The palate is shifting. This is just a tiny , 8x8 inch study .

#newideas #playing #artcollector #canadianart #wip #contemporarypainting #abstractlandscape

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