ART NOW - art fair with Devilla art and design - September 22 - 25

Butter Gallery - opening Oct 8  


Electric forest variation 11
5 o’clock shadow variation 9 Oil on panel 24x24
Escape trajectory variation 14
Where the lines are drawn- grid
Art for groceries- new day 4

Art for groceries. Small works , free delivery in the GTA . 10% donated to charity 

Crisp afternoon 23
Art for groceries- crisp afternoon 20


The way we interact with our environment influences the way we see things and frame the things we see. We take insubstantial, fragmented images and fill them out to make complete narratives.

It is this tension between the negative space, what is withheld from the frame of the painting and what is suggested that engages the viewer in a conversation with my work. I am showing part of a picture or world which exists beyond the realm of the canvas in the mind of the viewer. This conversation between the viewer and the painting, between description and abstraction is the most vital element of my painting.


Continuing the colour combination play and playing with shapes . Fracturing light.

16x16” oil on canvas

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Last chance to enter the draw for this piece. Donate to a veterans charity and send me a screenshot for entry.

This 8x8” oil on panel goes for $300. It’s part of my art for groceries series. The ART FOR GROCERIES Series always generates 10% towards a rotating series of charities.

I’ve mentioned before my studio location is in an area populated with people who’ve fallen through the cracks. It’s kinda scary at times but always very sad.

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Another of these new unplugged pieces . This escape trajectory variation 22 -30x40” is @buttergallery151 .

I’ve been really enjoying the progression of these pieces. The motion , the colours, the variation in volume of paint and the way the dark elements have the velvety feeling of a lithograph or charcoal drawing . Exciting!

#colour #artsy #canadianart #contemporarypainting #newcontemporary #abstractlandscape #color #colour #artcollector #artcurator

New ‘technicolor dream’ . Experimenting like crazy with technique , colour and scale . Wild ride.

Technicolor dream variation 4 - 40x40”

#contemporarypainting #newcontemporary #abstractlandscape #oilpainting #colour #canadianart #

Tangent here. I went to my book club last night and for some reason this painting ‘Vera’ by Frank Varley came up. The person who brought it up suggested that the two sides of her face represented two sides of her personality and their relationship. Apparently she was his lover.

It really is a gorgeous piece. The discussion is what I love about discussing art in its many facets. You take something that’s running rampant in your brain and introduce new ideas and suddenly whole new worlds open up. Pretty wonderful.

It’s at the @natgallerycan in Ottawa. I hope to see it in person someday.

#art #artsy #canadianart #varley

Just looking at this tropical dream again . Really graphic but enjoying it tremendously. 24x24”

#contemporaryart #newpainting #contemporarypainting #newcontemporary #abstractlandscape #canadianart #colour #color

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