Abstract landscape paintings based on natural and urban environments
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Forest interiors revisited-illuminated depths
Studies in line and form- 5 o’clock shadow variation 3
Unplugged- reflection
where the lines are drawn
Oil on panel 6x6”


The way we interact with our environment influences the way we see things and frame the things we see. We take insubstantial, fragmented images and fill them out to make complete narratives.

It is this tension between the negative space, what is withheld from the frame of the painting and what is suggested that engages the viewer in a conversation with my work. I am showing part of a picture or world which exists beyond the realm of the canvas in the mind of the viewer. This conversation between the viewer and the painting, between description and abstraction is the most vital element of my painting.


Now open on ‘garden to abstract’ check it out ! The opportunity to show a few of my urban garden paintings beside my allotment grown still life’s is something I’ve wanted for quite some time . You can see it on their site under current exhibitions or follow the link under my profile. ..........................................#stilllife #floralpaintings #abstractlandscape #contemporarypainting #artistsofinstagram #contemporarycurator #artcurator #artcollector #newcontemporarypainting #newshow ...

The preview is up on . They’ve done a fabulous job of exciting it in their virtual gallery . It officially opens tomorrow at 7am est. pm me if you’d like early access to‘Garden to abstract’ as I mentioned I’m quite excited at a chance to show both the allotment garden and the still life’s I’ve purposely grown from that garden . #canadianartist #womenartists #stilllife #gardenpainting ...

One of the urban garden pieces to be included in my ‘garden to abstract’ show opening on on dec 5th. I’m excited to show my garden paintings in concert with the still life’s I’ve purposely grown there . As an artist, getting to see your work shown with enough space to breathe is amazing. It’s a virtual exhibition and I can’t wait to share it with you ! #abstractlandscape #contemporarypainting #newcontemporary #womenartists ...

I’ve become much less a studio artist during this pandemic. I’ve been known to take my bucket of paints and set up anywhere lately . It all started when the area around my studio was a bit dangerous at the start of the pandemic, then I was renovicted from my apartment of 15 years . Apparently that’s how you create a monster with a bucket . . Anyway, all that has emphasized my feelings of gratitude that I have the ability to take a bucket and continue painting amongst other things . The crux of the matter is , this piece , 10x10” ,untitled as of yet , is going to be raffled off to someone who sends me the photograph of a donation they’ve made to a charity. I’ll put the names in a hat and do the draw December 5th . #newwork #contemporarypainting #generosity #oilpainting #helpingeachother ...

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