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New 4 person show opening in Saskatoon on October 12 to November10 @dervilia_art_design . @aitken.bridget , @lucyschappyart .

#contemporarycanadianart #artgallery

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Another new wip . A little obsessed with these new flowers and architecture and shadows . This ones 24x24”

#contemporarypainting #stilllife #canadianart #abstraction

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New large still life . 48x48” . The flowers have wilted now , caught forever in paint . ...

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Wip . Aka work in progress . Still life assembled from my garden with a guest contributor . Thanks Daniel!! ...

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Creating a new still life . Think I’m happy with it. Painting from life is so interesting. The way the light changes , the way things droop. Picking out things to emphasize. ...

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These pieces I’ve just sent to @gallerymerrick were inspired by my time on #mayneisland and other meandering around the west coast with two of my dearest friends. ❤️ it’s amazing how travel inspires and clears your eyes and your heart. Grateful for the experiences we shared together. ...

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Shipping these pieces off to @gallerymerrick . They’ll be in Victoria sometime next week ...

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Into the woods @dervilia_art_design up now . Some details. Love these pieces.

They ship back to the province of origin free, how sweet is that !!! Happy summer.

So much going on , a bit overwhelmed here. Be back to posting regularly soon .

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A rework of something from a bit ago based on some walks around ashbridges bay . 30x60” #

#torontoart #contemporarycanadianart #abstractlandscape #ashbridgesbay

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In 2007 this piece found a home . Ran into its owner at this past weekend, lovely to connect with them and see this piece again. It still gives them joy 💕 . Makes me happy! #contemporarypainting #artcollector ...

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Today’s selection of art for groceries. 6x6” $185. Each . Last day at TOAF , Nathan Phillips square toronto. Booth A30 . Here til 5 pm. #toaf ...

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Love this piece so much . It’s one of the still life’s I created from things I grew cast a shadow on and painted . I found it when looking for pieces to bring to the show. I love the surface of the table and the deliberate layering of paint . It’s here with me at TOAF today until 7 booth 30 until 7 pm tonight unless it finds a new home . ...

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Textural elements from some pieces I’ll be bringing to the #toaf this weekend. Nathan Phillips square Toronto booth 30 this weekend. July 7,8,9 . Come say hey !!

@torontooutdoorart #contemporarypainting #canadianart #artsy

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The Toronto outdoor art fair live is on now @torontooutdoorart . Excited to show some pieces that don’t fit in with my current work on that format. I will reinvestigate these directions because they feed my spirit. Happy for them to be seen through fresh eyes. Runs July 2-9 check it out . . In person fair July 7, 8, 9 Nathan Phillips square Toronto. (City hall) ...

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New ideas I’ve been chasing . It’s been a slow process getting up to speed in my new space. Making more disasters than usual , a good sign . Means I’m pushing myself and growing.

So much change / discomfort finding my feet in a strange new world .

looking forward to seeing people, getting response to my work at the Toronto outdoor art fair July 7,8,9 th Nathan Phillips square 10 am to 7 pm Friday and Saturday, 10-5pm Sunday. Booth 30 .

#toaf #artsy #canadianart #colour #color #kunst #newwork #painting #abstractlandscape

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A note about some recent and upcoming projects.

It’s been an extremely busy year, I’ve moved to Owen Sound bringing my home and studio to the first combined location in 20 plus years.

On July 7, 8 and 9th I’m taking part in @torontooutdoorart at Nathan Phillips square in Toronto . Booth 30 , the online portion of that fair begins July 2nd. (there was a dare)

I’ll be sending some new work to @gallerymerrick in Victoria later in the summer.

@diannawittegallery has some new forest interiors in their new location in Toronto and has placed some pieces in the AGO art rental program .

You can also see my work in @algonquinartcentre Algonquin park at the art Center, in Edmonton at @bugeramathesongallery and in Saskatoon at @dervilia_art_design

I hope you have a safe and happy summer. If you find yourself in Owen Sound come have a glass of wine wine with me in my new studio.

Kim. #artsy #canadianart #atelier #newwork #colour #color #kunst

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So many new things going on .

#kunst #canadianart #abstractlandscape #artsy #atelier #studio #newwork #artcollector #artcurator

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New piece . 30x60 “ . Feel so fortunate to be able to do this . Always learning , always screwing up .

#kunst #atelier #artist #artsy #color #colour #abstractlandscape #canadianart

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Wip in the studio . 30x60”

#abstractlandscape #canadianart #artsy #color #kunst

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